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The HVTech’s 6RL+: The Machine’s Vaccine And Your Kaizen Tool of Maintenance-Production-Operation

The machine is an important asset that makes the values of products, services, profit, jobs, and income. 

Nowadays, there are more machines and equipment are invested and used for production. That’s why the machine’s lubrication and maintenance need to be changed to be adaptable and suitable, especially when each company is looking for a way to develop during the difficult period of the Covid pandemic and competition globally. 

“Lubricants is the Lifeblood of the Equipment”. Lubricants areas critical to equipment as blood is to the human body. Just like blood, lubricants carry out the functions of transport, protection, and regulation within the equipment. Lubricants ensure impurities are transported to the oil filter whilst detergents enable the suspension of impure particles, moving parts of the equipment are protected by the lubricant film preventing metal-to-metal contact, and rust build-up is inhibited by additives…

Just like the human need right blood type for giving or receiving, need the clean blood with properly amount (too much lead to hypertension-high blood pressure or too little lead to hypotension-low blood pressure) in order to stay healthy for the living… The machines need 

1. Right lubricants for each application.
2. Clean lubricants.
3. Proper lubrication.
for durability and working efficiently. 
Otherwise the Machine will be subjected to “ill” of vibration, wear, hot…and damage soon like this Video.

Why machine’s proper lubrication is essential for the maintenance, production, and operation business?

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Usually, the Factory maintenance team will schedule lubrication for each machine according to the Machine operating condition. But…

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  1. Manual lubrication does not guarantee proper lubrication (accurately, continuously, evenly, and clean-not get contamination lubrication) because
  • It cannot determine the amount of lubricant.
  • It cannot be performed every hour or every day to achieve continuously-evenly lubrication (simple it will take a lot of manpower to implement).
  • The manual lubrication steps are easy to get contamination mixed into the lubricant and into the lubrication points.
  1.  It will be dangerous, required a lot of time and resources to lubricate for the dangerous-difficult access lubrication points such as high position, high temperature, dusty, wet, high noise level, flammable, explosive, the position must stop the machine for manual lubrication.
  2.  Lubrication is an important job, but it is not been pay attention to enough. And since it is dirty, sometimes dangerous, and especially uncontrollable. So it is easy to skip or implement incorrectly. In addition, the Maintenance guy not only lubricates machines but also does many other things…So he may ignore the lubrication schedule of machines.

The above will be limited to the work compliance with program lubrication. It can lead to inefficient lubrication (missing-under-over lubrication, contamination) which is the most cause of machine failures, unwanted machine stopping, production loss, and a lot of waste for the company. Especially for the factory has many machines operating continuously, located in many different positions, but the number of maintenance team members is limited.

Through working and surveying of practice properly lubrication over the past 6 years, HVTech found that there are 3 common machinery lubrication problems of many factories:

  1. Not paying attention and not investing in proper Lubrication-Maintenance to use machines efficiently and optimally.
  2. There is no proper lubrication process for each Machine and the whole Factory yet.
  3. Not solving the root causes of failures, so can not eliminate the problems. For example:
  • If we only focus on repairing the machine when it got failure but not focus on finding the “root cause of the machine failures” then we may keep repairing and fixing the same problem of failure many times, year by year…
  • If we just apply proper lubrication for one machine and ignore the other machines in the production line or the utility system, then when one of the remaining machines got failure, the other machines must also be stopped.

Do you know if we can improve proper machine lubrication, then we can earn the benefits regarding the economic improvement from:

  1. MAXIMIZING profit, competitive advantage for the Company: from saving 20% ​​on maintenance-repair-unexpected machine downtime, 7.5% on energy costs, 5% on additional machine costs to compensate for lost productivity…as per below Fig.

(*Sources: Society of Lubricant and Friction Engineers STLE, according to research by Dr.H.Peter Jost and the country of US, UK, Canada, Germany, Japan, China:

  1. DEVELOPING job opportunities and income growth opportunities for Employees.
  2. PROTECTING for the people, the machines, factory products, and the environment better.

That’s why HVTech launched “the 6RL(Right Lubrication)+solution: a compact Kaizen tool for machine maintenance and lubrication” for the customer achievement of better production, better operation, save cost, and earns money from:

⚽️Minimize failures of machine main transmission parts: Bearings, Gears, Chain…

⚽️Saving cost of lubrication, and machine downtime due to lubrication’s failures.

⚽️Optimization the lubrication, maintenance by improving the machine’s reliability, availability and life circle for better production-operation. 

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And this solution likes many other technical solutions: implemented by the people, for the people.

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Pdf Documents of HVTech’s 6RL Solution Introduction at

Pictures sources: machinery lubrication, Enluse, JetLube-USA, SKF.

More reference case study of properly lubrication for many industrial fields at

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