Machine is the asset which create value of products, services, profit, jobs, and income for us.

Whether your lubrication-maintenance program achieve machine reliability for better maintenance-operation?

Bearings: Main transmission part of most industrial machines.

Lubrication: Main cause of bearings-machines failures.

In the past (industrial revolution 1.0-when machines were invented and used limited) and today (industrial revolution 4.0-machines are used a lot in many application fields) and we still apply machine manual lubrication but…

  1. Manual lubrication is not accurate and easy got contamination.
  2. Dangerous-difficult-must stop machine for lubrication points: takes a lot of time and resources to lubricate.
  3. Lubrication taks is important but it is not pay attention enough and it cannot be controlled, so it is easy to be missing or incorrect performance.

In addition, maintenance staff not only lubricate machines but also do many other tasks…And it is easy to ignore machine lubrication.

Because of the above reasons, most factories cannot achieve proper lubrication. Especially the factory has many machines operating continuously, located in many different locations, while the staff for lubrication and maintenance is limited.

That is why the Automatic lubricator has been invented and used for more than thirty years.