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MEMOLUB® EPS (External Power Supply)

Because machine is the asset that creates the values of products, services, profit, jobs, and the income for us, that is why it need a proper lubrication way to improve its reliability for better maintenance-production-operation.

Why and How?

Do you know if we can improve proper machine lubrication, then we can earn the benefits regarding the economic improvement from:

  1. MAXIMIZING profit, competitive advantage for the Company: from saving 20% ​​on maintenance-repair-unexpected machine downtime, 7.5% on energy costs, 5% on additional machine costs to compensate for lost productivity…as per below Fig.

(*Sources: Society of Lubricant and Friction Engineers STLE, according to research by Dr.H.Peter Jost and the country of US, UK, Canada, Germany, Japan, China:

  1. DEVELOPING job opportunities and income growth opportunities for Employees.
  2. PROTECTING for the people, the machines, factory products, and the environment better.

That is why the Automatic lubricator has been invented and used for more than thirty years.

It is considered a proper lubrication tool and it is also THE IMPROVEMENT TOOL FOR THE FACTORY’S KAIZEN.